Nino Ferrer   Ho piantato vino e sigarette lo sai perche e non ci vedo e risparmio gli occhiali tutto per te vivo solo col mensile di impiegato comunale spacco […]

the pillows   Susa n da PRIDE mote amashiteru Hakidasenai de muki ni natteru ajikinai GUM o ka n de Sunny Funny Bunny nani sute n da Imi nanka nakutatte […]

Dvar   Aya sata hara kaai! Lii… Liira! Liira Taai! … Haya Haya… Taai Liira! Taai Liira! Raai Es’iva! Raai Es’iva! Lii Hai… Es Hai… Hai S’iva… Es Hai… Taai […]

Jeremy Kay   Do you believe in anything at all Or has your world Grown too small What did you get — have you found it yet What you came […]

Siouxsie and the Banshees   I am the passenger And I ride and I ride I ride through the city’s backside I see the stars come out of the sky […]

Annie Lennox   Come into these arms again And lay your body down The rhythm of this trembling heart Is beating like a drum It beats for you, it bleeds […]

Boyz II Men   Girl you know we belong together I don’t have time for you to be playing with my heart like this You’ll be mine forever baby You […]